Taxi Lowdown from Dublin Airport to Dublin City Centre

Taking a taxi is by far the most convenient way to travel from Dublin airport to Dublin city centre and by far the most expensive. Here we look at the taxi cost, taxi safety, types of taxi services available from Dublin airport. Included are how to work out taxi journey times and what service is best for you from the taxi ranks to meet and greet taxi services.

Dublin Airport Taxi Low Down

Taking a taxi is by far the most convenient way to travel from Dublin airport to Dublin city centre and by far the most expensive. Here we look at the ins and outs of taking a taxi and whether its worth it for you.


Most drivers are friendly and are only dying to tell you their opinions on everything and anything including all politics, the weather, Joe Duffy, sports, the state of the nation, and the best place to go for a pint. Great for some local insight and colour, though you may not agree with your taxi drivers opinions, they are a great introduction to Irish culture and will test your understanding of the Irish accent !

Location, Location, Location

There are two taxi ranks, one outside of Terminal 1 and one outside of Terminal 2, both well signposted by the airport and well run by airport personnel. In our experience it’s a 10 minute or less wait to get a taxi from the rank, and, if there is an unknown delay airport personnel will let you know how long the wait time is. If you want to get a taxi with the least amount of planning and hassle this is your best option.


Taking a taxi is the most expensive mode of public transport, it’s about €25-€35 to Dublin city centre, however fares do increase at anti-social times by up to €10.00, so do check out how much your fare should be go through Taxi Fare Estimator . Standard rates apply 08.00am to 20.00pm Monday to Saturday with Premium rates from 20.00pm to 08.00am plus all day Sunday and public holidays. Do check with the driver roughly how much he expects the fare to be so there are no surprises. Taxis that operate from the airport must take credit cards otherwise Euro is the currency universally used in Ireland.

Journey Time

Taxis will take you up to 30km radius from the airport and the journey time depends on traffic volumes. Off peak it will take less than 30 minutes to get into the city centre, however this time can double during peak traffic periods; still, taxis can use bus lanes so even in heavy traffic they are still the fastest way to your destination. Dublin rush hour traffic is usually busiest between 07:00-09:30 and 16:00-19:00 so plan accordingly as there is no faster way to get there.

Booking in Advance

You can book your taxi in advance through operators like Lynk and FreeNow and other Irish operators. Free Now is used in many European cities so this is worth checking out if you are planning to travel in Europe or you already use FreeNow in your city as you do not need to re-register in each country. FreeNow covers the UK, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Greece. To note the pickup point is not at the taxi rank but in a carpark in Zone 16.

So what about Uber ? Uber private hire is not available in Ireland, you can use the Uber brand though it is a regulated taxi unlike in the USA limiting the advantages of Uber to you.

Taxi Meet and Greet Services

So your unsure of where you are going, want a door to door experience, are really limited in time, need a guaranteed pick up and don’t mind paying a premium then avail of Taxi meet and greet services. Ordered in advance with a 24/7 support service the driver will wait up to 90 minutes (generally included in the premium price) for you at the Arrivals Gate. The driver will have a welcome sign with your name and will escort you through the airport directly from arrivals. This is a great service if you have a deadline, multiple bags, people, kids (particularly as they can organise multiple car seats in advance) and most importantly don’t mind paying extra. There is plenty of companies in this space so do shop around but as a rule of thumb it’s about two to three times plus the price of a standard taxi, more if you go for the limo service.

Taxi Safety

Taxis in Ireland are regulated and very safe, there is no issue taking a taxi alone or at night. There are about 10,000 taxis registered to work in and around Dublin. Taxis must be insured, clean and the vehicle is checked for roadworthiness each year. Drivers are all trained, licensed, garda vetted and must display their identification. All taxis take four people at a minimum and there are plenty of six plus people carriers on the road. Seatbelts are mandatory for all passengers and the driver will take a dim view of you if you refuse to wear it for non-medical reasons and may even refuse the journey as by law all drivers and passengers must wear a seatbelt and this law is enforced strongly. There has been an incentivised government drive to make more taxis wheelchair accessible so there are plenty available at the rank and they can also be ordered through operators in advance.

Taxi Fare Estimator to estimate how much your taxi will be at a certain time and journey length.

FreeNow online European taxi service and app

Lynk online taxi service and app

Meet and Greet online booking meet and greet service

Optimum chauffeur meet and greet service

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