Dublin Airport to City Centre by Coach – Dublin Express and Aircoach

Without an underground system in Ireland we are limited in public transport from Dublin airport to the city centre. Its best to choose one that suits you, for your budget, location, and time. Here we explore Dublin coaches such as Dublin Express and Aircoach that are speedier than the bus and far cheapers than a taxi. So read on and see if this will work for you.

Dublin Express – 30 minutes to city centre €7.00 one way

Dublin Express is a direct route and does not travel all over the world with stops commencing in the city centre – unlike Dublin Bus routes 16 and 41 which meander through northside suburbia with over 20 stops before they hit O’Connell Street.

The Express takes the direct route through Dublin Tunnel and straight into the heart of the city to the river Liffey and the Quays. With two options Route 782 hits the Liffey and Quays traveling from the 3Arena down to Heuston station and back up the river. Route 784 is great Dublin 2 and 8 hitting Merrion Square, Trinity College and Camden Street on the southside of the city.

Journey costs is €7.00 one way and €9.00 return with journey times of 30mins to the city centre, so you do get the speed of the taxi journey for a much better price. Running roughly every half an hour during peak times and every hour off peak you will have to plan your journey around the express route which will probably add to your overall journey time. Still, it’s pretty good value and very convenient for the city centre especially if you are travelling light or you need to take the Green line Luas which is easily accessed through the Camden Street stop.

You do have to book your tickets in advance, however the ticket is valid up to 12 hours after the time you booked so if your flight is delayed there is no issue. The routes are limited to the city centre, but if you are staying nearby then this is a really good option.


If you are staying a little further out on the southside of county Dublin then the Aircoach may work for you. The Aircoach goes to the southside suburbia of Dublin reaching Greystones in Wicklow.

Aircoaches are the easiest to reach at arrivals Zone 2, a happy one minute walk from the terminal as opposed to Dublin Bus which is five minutes.

You can book tickets in advance online or purchase from the driver directly through contactless payment, Google and Apple pay. You can also purchase through their app and download onto your phone directly.

The coaches are wheelchair accessible with 24 hours advance notice (which isn’t great and is restricting for wheelchair users) and can only take one wheelchair user at a time (so no friends who also use a wheelchair for you !)

Aircoach has three routes to the southside of Dublin. The main route 700 runs about every 15 minutes at peak time and every half hour off peak. Journey time is a little slower to the city centre though at the same price to O’Connell street at €7.00, is competitive with Dublin Express. Its up to €17.00 for the end of the route in Greystones.

Route 700 – Dublin airport , Drumcondra, O’Connell Street, Kildare Street, Donnybrook, Stillorgan, Sandyford, Leopardstown

Route 702 – Dublin Airport, East Wall, Grand Canal, Ballbridge, Booterstown, Mount Merrion, Foxrock, Shankill, Bray, Greystones

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Route 703 – Dublin Airport, East Wall, Grand Canal, Ballbridge, Booterstown, Blackrock, Monstown, Dun Laoighaire, Dalkey, Kiliney * to note this route runs every two hours.

So depending on where you are staying the coach option might be the one for you. All coaches are kept clean, to a high standard and have wi-fi with leather seats for a comfortable journey.

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