Bus and Public Transport Bus Dublin Etiquette

Follow these tips to make your journey pleasant for you and for all passengers.

Some tips that will make your journey flow.

Hello, please and thank you are all used when conversing with bus drivers. It’s common to thank the driver when exiting the bus. Don’t be offended if the driver does not call you Sir or Ma’am , it’s not part of the Irish culture.

Airport buses normally have racks for cabin bags so please use them to prevent clogged up passages.

Wait until everyone has exited the bus before entering, try not to block the entrance and exit points so others can move easily around you.

When seated make sure you leave room for another, you did not buy an extra seat for your rucksack. Take note of seats for those less abled and do offer your seat up if needed. No bus journey is so long that you will be terribly inconvenienced and you have done your good deed for the day.

Buses are wheelchair accessible and are often used so do fold up buggies and keep this well marked area clear. Speaking of children please be mindful of noise levels of devices, do bring headphones, no one wants to hear Baby Shark 20 times in a row. This goes for adults too, the bus is not interested in listening into your private conversations or listening to the latest Instagram reel. In fact some cheeky Dubliners may take a bit too much interest in your overly loud conversations or viewing and join in !

Dublin Bus has wi-fi and some seats have USB charging points built in to make your journey easier. By following these tips you will make the journey more pleasant for everyone which will make your trip a more enjoyable experience.


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